Asking is probably one of the easiest ways to learn something

Unfortunately, no. Real transformation takes time. That is why short-term projects aren’t our specialty. However, if you need specific consultancy we can reach out to our collaborators. They will be happy to assist you. 

Yes, of course you can. We are a collective of like-minded people who firmly believe in collaboration and diversity. That’s why we enjoy working with partners, whether they are our clients’ or our own. In the end, we all share the same goal: ensuring triple impact for the project to thrive.

Because we are used to working in different areas of a company and we can find comprehensive solutions that go beyond theory. We only consider and offer transformations that are feasible, effective, sustainable and profitable in the long run. This way we can guarantee business regeneration and improve brand perception. All of this, done by just one organization.

Nope. We are international, but independent. This means that we are not forcing anyone to work with associates whose only goal is making money. Our purpose is to solve problems that help companies in their gradual yet uninterrupted transition to a sustainable economy. 

We haven’t found a label that perfectly fits our description yet, so we like to use the word “regenerative” a lot. The dictionary says something like: (1) “Amend, reform, rebuild, renew, rehabilitate or recover.” (2) “The virtue or power to regenerate itself.” It’s exactly what we do, using creativity as a driver of change.

Yes, it is. And it keeps growing. In the past 20 years we’ve been working on social and environmental issues. As a result, we built relationships with companies that deal with solid waste treatment, alternatives to plastic, technology that captures C02 in the atmosphere and paint with insulating properties of up to 90%. 

Our database gives us access to multiple types of partners, startups and vendors in order to find the right solution. We are capable of including local talent and renowned professionals in every country, adding their expertise to the team involved in the project. 

We were born in 2021, while the pandemic was giving its final blows. If there is one thing we learned over this past year is that we are all now unavoidably connected. 

We began operating virtually, with a team of passionate professionals from Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, UK, USA, Japan and, of course, Portugal. Currently, we are operating from a much sought-after spot: an old windmill in Azoia (Setúbal), Portugal, and we continue working with our international team, remotely.

1)  Because if you don’t begin your transition towards a triple-impact business model now, in a few years you may not even be in business at all. Regulators, investors, clients, consumers and even your own employees are demanding change because the world knows we can’t go on doing business as usual. Either you’re in, our you’re out. There’s no other way.
2) Because you are a leader and you know that the ability to adapt to change is a competitive advantage.
3) Because you understand the leverage power ideas have when they are set in motion.
4) Because you know effective large-scale change involves collaborative and comprehensive work.
5) Because you are done with the greenwashing bullshit and want to take action.

Easy, get in touch. We are in constant search of people and companies who want to contribute, regardless of your industry or field of work. If you have a background in Social, Environment, Economy, Finance, Art, Journalism or Science, or you are a startup aligned with our purpose, then we are sure to find a way to work together. We want to hear from you!

Felicidad means “happiness” in Spanish. 

We chose this name because we wanted to reach the heart of human thought: Philosophy. 

Philosophy strives to find a definition for happiness, as well as to reach it. Maybe that’s why there are as many definitions of happiness as there are philosophers. Probably maybe even as many as human beings. In other words, infinite. So that’s when we had our epiphany: there’s no such thing as magic formulas. Not even for a socio-environmental crisis. There are as many solutions as projects. All we need to do is design the best one for each case, taking into account business track records and socio-economic context. 

Most people would agree that there’s no such thing as absolute happiness. But the search for that idea has helped us advance as a society. Second revelation: sometimes we won’t be able to find the perfect solution at once, but the search for excellence will definitely help us improve and achieve the business model we are shooting for.

Aristotle has probably contributed with one of the earliest theories about happiness. He described it as every human being’s ultimate goal. To him, happiness is reached when we become the best version of ourselves, when self-realisation is attained. 

A happy person lives life to the fullest, in the best possible way, through the best version of him or herself. Another revelation: we believe that shifting to a low impact, more just and fair economy is one way to produce common good. And that if we don’t embrace this change, our species may be at risk of disappearing. Nature can’t tell the difference between religions, races or social classes. 

On the other hand, Kant believed seeking happiness is a selfish behaviour.   

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. We understand and acknowledge that not everyone shares our point of view. That’s why we don’t aim to be the perfect fit for every company out there. Only for the ones that share our purpose and goals. However, and whatever happens, both parties should be happy. 


Thus, Felicidad. 

Yes. We totally did. They found a simple way of delivering information through the good old questions and answers format. We couldn’t find a better way to briefly explain who we are, what we do and why we do it. It’s fair to mention our source of inspiration. Plus, we’re huge fans of their work. The art world would call it a homage.