Slide “88% of consumers are more willing to forgive a company for making a mistake if it shows a genuine attempt to change” Source: Porter Novelli’s Business of Cancel Culture 2021. Slide “There is no company whose business model won’t be profoundly affected by the transition to a net-zero economy” Source: Larry Fink, CEO Black Rock 2021. Slide We transform traditional business models into sustainable ones in order to create positive impact


Diagnosis + Strategy

We examine every stage of the product’s or service’s life cycle, assessing its social and environmental impact. We study the brand’s purpose making it relevant and competitive in an environment led by regenerative models.

Execution + Storyseeding

Purpose without action lacks meaning. We apply strategic decisions on the operating stage giving value to the company and opportunities to develop campaigns and marketing initiatives. 

Community + Communication

Doing isn’t enough. You must share it, too. Communication-based on concrete facts is key to building stronger relationships between a brand and its audience. That’s why we have access to top-notch global talent to share the transformations we put into practice.

Rating + Investment

Our founding team has experience in Sustainable Finance and Impact Funds, and we have also partnered with impact investing funds. We can assess and create rankings based on ESG guidelines (Environmental, Social & Governance), and we are capable of injecting investment capitals of up to €100M.


A collective of accomplished professionals who can regenerate your business in a comprehensive way using creativity as an accelerator and driver of change.

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