23 Ríos


Craft beer with a consumer-dedicated heart and a socio-environmental mindset.

23 Ríos Craft Beer is the most awarded brewery in Mendoza, a province in Argentina well known for its wine industry. 23 Ríos has won local and international awards.





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We worked with 23 Ríos to help transform their business into a circular model while integrating as many Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as possible across their value chain.

We focused on social purposes (diversity, gender equality, regional culture promotion) and environmental purposes (sustainable design, water cycle, and efficiency, reuse of waste, reducing carbon footprint, and designing a new vegan and vegetarian menu, among others).


We collaborated with local professionals in water impact assessment and tributary management, reducing 50% water consumption in the production process and lowering from 10.5L to 5.5L of water per litre of beer produced. The goal is to use 2.5L in 2022.


We reused 100% of the bagasse or spent grain (byproduct obtained after mashing and filtration process) by transforming it into cattle feed and raw material to produce pizza and pretzel, that are later offered in the brewery´s bar. Also, the liquid obtained from the pressing is used as a supplement added to irrigation water.


The Beer Industry is still a business mostly led by men. To break the infamous glass ceiling, 23 Ríos invested in female talent for managerial positions. Their Master Brewer, Chef, CEO, and Bar Manager are women with spotless reputations and track records. Their contribution to the brand’s image, reputation, awards, and value is unquestionable. 

Small details

Food and packaging directly impact the company’s C02 emissions. That is why we changed the menu, adding vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes and reducing meat options. Glass was replaced by recycled aluminum, which also has an infinite lifespan but the recycling process requires less energy. It also blocks light, thus extending the product’s expiration date. And it’s more resistant and cost-effective than glass, so it’s cheaper in the long run.


23 Ríos was born hoping to impact the environment as little as possible. That is the main reason why they used biodegradable and recycled materials when they built the place. Brewery, office, and bar were entirely built with recycled containers, chipboard, and other recycled material. Stencil technique was used for decoration and signs.

We currently keep measuring and reducing the brewery’s social and environmental impact, and already began the process to obtain B Corp certification, complying with Sistema B protocols in Latin America.

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Revenues went up thanks to 23 Ríos’ sustainable brand image and product quality.

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The strategy proposed for brand awareness and positioning has helped to consolidate a strong and active community of fans. 



Reducing water use in the production process didn’t affect the product’s quality at all, and it has been recognised with several national and international awards.