Design the path to the first architecture and construction B Corporation in Spain.

sAtt Triple Balance began its journey 20 years ago, focusing its architecture towards sustainability since the beginning, with special emphasis on the necessary decarbonisation process of construction (CO2-null buildings).


2020 – 2021


Business strategy
Implementation and monitoring
B Corp certification
Action Plan in the short, medium and long term

More information

sAtt is the first architecture and construction certified B Corporation in Spain. It promotes projects, processes and tools so that people can enjoy architecture and urban planning based on environmental, social and economic sustainability. Its specialty is the design of collaborative housing spaces (cohousing, cohousing, coliving) and workplace (coworking, corporate office), where it also acts as a construction company.

The team is made up of dreamy people who started working on ecological, regenerative and sustainable architecture in 2001. Since then they have not stopped designing and building, but also researching and intervening in more than 400 projects, mainly in Spain, as well as in Germany, Kenya, Nicaragua and Morocco.


With the experience of having advised more than 30 companies of different sizes and sectors since 2015 in Latin America and Spain, we carry out a diagnosis of the sAtt situation; conducting a series of workshops with the management and involving the entire staff.


We deliver an action plan with two objectives:
> Continuous improvement and strategic impact plan.
> Improvement of the score to obtain the B Corp certification (a minimum of 80 points out of 200 is required) +125 thousand companies have carried out this evaluation and only 4,000 companies worldwide achieve the certification as sAtt (only 3%).

Thanks to the implementation of improvements through the advisory process and the achievement of the internal transformation of sAtt, the company achieved the B Corp certification in April 2021. One of the most appreciable successes in the first instance has been the involvement of all areas of work and staff throughout the process, increasing the speed and depth of the transformation.



Built with CO2Null. Which represents an offset carbon footprint of 1,686 tn CO2.



Impacted among which are included the partners of sAtt and those who live in the projects designed and built.



Main clients: Greenpeace, Fiare Banca Ética, Triodos Bank, Coworking Triple, Cohousing Entrepatios-Las Carolinas.