Reducing carbon emissions is up to all of us. WeLow was born out of this simple insight.

WeLow is an integrated system through which we measure, manage and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. It helps us identify opportunities to mitigate C02, resulting in positive impact and cost-efficiency.




UX Design
Front End

Rebranding, renaming, Web and App design. Both platforms developed as part of the company’s growth strategy (work in progress). We also provide consultancy on logistics for WeLow’s European expansion, aiming to create A positive environmental impact reducing millions of tons of C02 emissions.

Language Barriers

For the naming proposal, we ruled out the original name: SimC02 (initials for Environmental Integrated Solutions, in Spanish), since “sim” means “yes” in Lusophone nations. Imminent international expansion required a new name that would work globally. For that reason, we chose a language fluently used by 1.5 billion people around the world: English.  

Value proposition

Once we dealt with those barriers in the Portuguese and Brazilian markets, the challenge was to find a name that would represent the brand value proposition: gradual decline of greenhouse gas emissions, stressing the need to face this problem as a community. Currently, there is no other way of effectively transforming environmental issues. To abruptly halt all activities would lead to social and economic collapse while working in isolation would be inefficient. Based on those two concepts —progression and teamwork—, we renamed it: WeLow.

Clients are able to monitor their carbon footprint through the WeLow App, where they can also load information and review performance stats. We worked on WeLow to rewire the App’s data flow, and improve its UX and UI design.

Companies in the banking sector have cut down their C02 emissions up to 25%.

Administrative buildings have reduced their power use by 17%.

And our clients have reported savings of up to 13% in building management and operations.

Companies in the industrial sector claim 14% in power reduction.

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Ton. CO2e

Reduced in the last 5 years and sponsoring around 75K hectares of forest. 



Have trusted us with their measurements.



We work with different types of industries, from the banking sector to fruit trading.

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Saved by companies that took action after we traced and measured their carbon emissions.