Because we are tired of all the blah-blah-blah. Because we know we are part of the problem and we feel a bit responsible for the situation. Because we like to think we are the generation that can change everything. Because it's not your kids' fault. Or any kid, for that matter. Because we deserve to live in a more just, sustainable, transparent, and thriving society. A better society. But to do that first we have to repopulate, clean, and protect what we have exterminated, contaminated, and exploited. We don´t know about you, but we are tired of seeing whales dying on shores. People dying on borders. Tired of big headlines and big intentions that die in beautiful decks and presentations. Tired of the “let the politicians deal with it” or “let Bill Gates deal with it, he’s rich”, instead of facing the problem. No. There is no more room for garbage. No more benefits at the expense of others. We can look away and keep consuming as if it were the 90’s. The thing is, if we run out of water, we run out of Netflix. We lose everything. Including taking our first steps, the jokes, the games. We lose Venice. And the carnival. And with it, we also lose a bit of Rio. That summer. The hot wine after skiing. The colours, the trains, our memory. We lose our rights and we forget our victories.

The world is demanding a different model, a new way of doing things. If we don't listen, it will get nasty. That is the reason we exist. Because rectifying is wise. Because nobody is perfect. There are many of us wanting to amend our mistakes, learning to settle accounts with our past, starting to act responsibly. Because change is possible and profitable. Because change or die. Because time's up. Because we can be heroes just for one day. Because if we don't do it today, in ten years from now it will be too late. Dystopian world? No thanks. There's Orwell for that. We deserve a better future. An inhabitable future. A cleaner, more equal, and appealing future for everyone. We have the resources, the technology, and the solutions. Action. Action. Action is all we need. That is the reason we exist. Because life is beautiful. Let's take care of it. If not for us, let's do it for life itself.