Ideas? We can help. Strategy? We can help. Execution? We can definitely help.

Felicidad Collective Windmill
Our Headquarters in Sesimbra / Portugal
Chacho Puebla
CoFounder & Creative
Pilar Franco Borrell
CoFounder & Head Of Art
Macarena Romera
Partner & Chief Client Officer
We believe in teamwork because we cannot make change happen on our own. Our mission is to flip the script on the hero narrative, and our stories focus on collaboration. We want everyone to shine in their unique ways. Cheesy clichés have no place here. We are a collective that integrates solutions to accelerate the transition towards a balanced relationship with the environment and promotes a just society for a sustainable world over time. Today, we face our biggest challenge yet. We work with people who manage, create, or work for brands. We work with individuals, not amoebas who follow scripts without questioning why we do what we do.
Ivan Moreno Puche
Project Leader & Retail Specialist
Mora Pardo
Designer & Art Director
Mirna Correa
Brand & Comms Strategist
Cecilia Rendón Lacave
Creative & Social Media & Culture

Hope is not a strategy. If you want to make an impact, you need to have the best talent to achieve your project’s goals. 

We can collaborate with you to create strategies that align with your brand’s narrative and story to survive in a more fragmented and competitive landscape.


We believe in the multiplying power of ideas. We have access to the best professionals in the world. We can create amazing ideas for your brand’s narrative. 

Our founder is one of the most awarded creatives in Ibero-American history.


From day one, we’ve been weaving sustainability into every single thing we do, so you don’t have to worry about doing something “sustainable” with us.

Our team have thought of everything, so sit back and enjoy the green goodness that we’ve already baked into every part of our business

Well, well, well. If you're looking to get things done, all you gotta do is connect with us! Bring us your problems, your ideas, and your dreams and together, let's make some magic happen. Trust us, if there's a way to make it happen, we'll find it. So let's make some moves and get this show on the road!