Most people are unaware that menstrual health products are riddled with harmful toxins. Conventional tampons, pads, and panty liners contain chlorine, dioxins, and acetone, among others. These chemicals are known as endocrine disruptors and are linked to diseases such as cancer and diabetes, as well as health problems such as infections, irritation, and infertility. Currently, no menstrual health brand is required to specify the ingredients in their products.


Myalma is a healthy and sustainable alternative to these conventional brands. From its birth, it works to combat misinformation and make reproductive health a matter of state. Its “No toxins” campaign addresses one of the challenges facing society: investigating and visibility everything that affects women’s health.


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To explain the brand’s concerns and the reason for the campaign, we created a manifesto video that explains the situation faced by women when they buy items whose ingredients are deliberately concealed. The video needed to raise awareness and transfer some of the responsibility to the social agents who remain immobile. Because companies making a profit by making people sick is toxic, but governments not acting, media not informing, and us not acting is lethal.

Posters, stickers & vulvas

“For many women, something as natural as having a period has become a trap,” the video begins. It is true, as it is also true that there is no more effective way to stop falling into traps than with accurate information, contrasted data, scientific reports, and a bit of design that encourages reading.

We designed a series of posters and a collection of stickers based on illustrations and copies that fit with Myalma’s bold and assertive identity. All files could be downloaded for free from Myalma’s website or from the GIPHY platform.