“Noites Maravilha” is a non-profit event organised by Felicidad Collective that dreams of bringing culture closer to Azóia and celebrating its roots and traditions. During three unforgettable nights, we enjoyed Portuguese cinema under the open sky, cocktails with regional appetizers, a photography exhibition, concerts, and guided tours to the Outeiro windmill, which is said to have the best views of Sesimbra.


“Noites Maravilha” is a free event organized by our team at Felicidad and Catarina Telles, for the community of Azòia. Why free? Because we wanted there to be no barriers to integration. But also as a symbol of gratitude. Gratitude is one of the words you hear most when you learn Portuguese. It defines the feeling that drives us to appreciate the favours or nice things someone has done for us or wanted to do, and to reciprocate in some way. It is also the concept upon which we structure the “Noites Maravilha.” Because we are grateful. Very grateful. Especially grateful to the generations that knew how to preserve teachings, heritage, and traditions that we enjoy today.


With this event, we thank the immense legacy left by those who came before us. Because we are aware that it was their respect for the environment and historical heritage, as well as the defense of fundamental rights and their determination to forge new paths, that left us a better world.


Access to culture is not only a fundamental right but also contributes to personal and social development. Culture is a source of inspiration that invites us to reflect and challenge our own ideas, ignites our creativity, and gives us the necessary tools to understand the world we live in. Therefore, it’s essential to eliminate the barriers that prevent people from fully enjoying all available cultural expressions.

Our goal is to bring history, photography, cinema, music, and gastronomy for free to a community with limited access to these cultural goods. Through them, we want to value the natural heritage of the region and, at the same time, pay tribute to its inhabitants. By promoting social and cultural coexistence, we aim to improve the quality of life of the elderly in the village of Azóia and its surroundings.

We pay homage by putting into practice what they passed on to us: that it is in our communities where we learn and live better. The photographic exhibition by Pilar Franco Borrell showcased portraits of cherished and remarkable people of the Sesimbra Castelo community. It was also possible to visit the inside of a century-old mill and watch an outdoor film session featuring one of the most significant classics of Portuguese cinema, “Os Verdes Anos”. All accompanied by a cocktail prepared by chef Nikita Polido, from Casa Celmar. On the second day of the event attendants could enjoy a live jazz concert as well as an excellent selection of food and drinks once again by amazing chef Nikita Polido.

Minho do Outeiro

Moinho do Outeiro is much more than a beautiful and picturesque windmill in the small village of Azóia. Built in the 19th century by the order of Queen Maria I of Portugal, it has been of vital importance to the economic development of the area throughout its history.

Over the years, the mill has changed hands several times, although one name stands out above all others, that of its current owner, Luís Rocha. Luís, an authority in the bakery sector and a passionate defender of this family heritage has given his heart and soul to keep the building in perfect condition by carrying out the most significant restoration of the mill. Thanks to this, Moinho do Outeiro is, since 1997, considered a National Monument due to its great historical and cultural importance. Could there be a more wonderful setting to celebrate Noites Maravilha?