Branding, Campaigns

Premios Verdes, Latin-America’s largest sustainability festival, hosted the ninth edition in Miami, last April. The conference welcomed sustainable projects from around the world to register at no cost, providing them with valuable training and the opportunity to compete in their respective categories.

This edition started with events in Guayaquil, Ecuador followed by a week of expos and conferences in the University of Miami. The Awards Gala took place at the Knight Concert Hall within the Arsht Center in Miami, an exquisite venue that served as the backdrop for the announcement of the category winners.


Our responsibility encompassed the creation of the visual identity and collateral materials for the Awards Gala, as well as the numerous concurrent events throughout the week, including conferences, masterclasses, and discussions. We crafted an array of deliverables, such as banners, totem animations, streaming graphics, agendas, posters, invitations, media kits, social media assets, and various other elements, all thoughtfully designed to align with the event’s sustainability goals.


Using a variety of colors and shapes, we created illustrations that were designed to capture the essence of its respective categories —Energy, Biodiversity, Economy, Waste, Human Development, Cities, Communication, and Public Policy—, conveying complex ideas in an engaging and accessible way.

Visual System

These vibrant patterns were animated to be used in audiovisual pieces, animated banners, back screens for talks, as well as in the Awards Gala.

We developed a wide range of pieces for the event, which took place in Guayaquil and Miami, featuring numerous activities, exhibitions, and activations.

Awards Gala

At the prestigious Awards Gala, distinguished public figures took the stage to announce the winners among the carefully selected finalists. Each of the eight categories was assigned a distinct color, and through captivating animated illustrations and graphics, the presentations brought forth an immersive experience. This dynamic approach granted each category a standout presence, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.