Maca Romera recommends this week…

Music, movies and a little bit of our own to kick off spring in Felicidad with Maca’s recommendations:


Amarcord (1973)


Prime Video


Very appropriate for this early spring



 Description of the daily life of the people of a village in the north of Italy during the years of fascism, in the decade of the thirties. Biographical film by the exuberant and baroque director Federico Fellini.







“The green future has to be a welcoming one, even a thrilling one. If people cannot see themselves in it, they will fight to stop it. If the cost of caring about climate is to forgo having a family, that cost will be too high. A climate movement that embraces sacrifice as its answer or even as its temperament might do more harm than good. “




Impossible to choose a song or album, so I leave a small playlist of favorites.





Late afternoon on the beach with the sun setting on the water. Already looking forward to…

Ceci Rendón

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