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Felicidad is full of people with many concerns, some of which we share in this weekly section of posts.

Mirna Correa, Felicidad Brand & Comms Strategist, recommends:


Non-things – Byung Chul Han

 This critique of capitalism, the work society and technology, has also been a critique of me and my way of living life and that is why among many beautiful books I have read, this one seems fundamental to rethink the life we live. A must to realize how we have dematerialized things, objects and even affections to replace them with tons of information.


The true profession of a man

is to find his way to himself

Herman Hesse

From a very young age I felt that this phrase, which I had never heard or read, was engraved inside me. For me it was always about finding my way, my space, my form. It’s a good thing I found it, none other than in the hand of Hesse, who put it better than I could have.



Apple TV+

I have seen incredible series in the last time, but I decided to choose this one because besides being a fan of dystopian sci-fi, I always believed that this genre gave us a glimpse of what the future could be like and therefore, tools and knowledge to be able to face it (don’t judge me). Well, what happens to me some years ago, is that these futures presented are not so alien and coexist with us in our present. Severance, shows us that future not so dystopian, not so far away, but it makes us believe that it is and it does it in an exquisite way.


Everything everywhere all at once (2022)

Without losing the mania or the thread, I chose this movie among all because: science fiction + introspection, my perfect combo. In short, it’s VERY much about the introspective journey of the protagonist, reflecting on the decisions she has made in her life and her relationship with the people around her. All this told with a fantasy from another planet, special effects from hell, lots of good humor, although I finished the movie with a teary face. It’s different from anything I’ve seen in recent times.

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